A list with widgets for Scriptable.
The heading links to the pages where you can find the widgets.

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Simpsons Widget

  • Shuffles a random Simpsons episode
  • Plays it on Disney+ upon interaction

Wiki Interest Map

  • Displays nearby Wikipedia articles and allows you to either read them or get Google Maps directions to them
  • API-Key from Google needed


  • Displays broadcast date of new Tatort (German series)

iTunes Movie Price

  • Displays your favorite movie and its price.

OpenWebIf Widget

  • Connects to OpenWebIf API of your Enigma2 receiver
  • Displays current and next program of current viewed channel
  • Beta>

Instagram Latest Posts

  • Selects random user from provided list
  • Shows one of the 12 most recent posts

News Widget

  • Shows news from WordPress sitess or RSS feeds
  • Different widget sizes available

ARD Mediathek

  • Shows newest editor picks in random order
  • Plays video on tap

Spotify now playing

  • Shows what is currently being played on Spotify


  • Displays the latest article