A list with 70 widgets for Scriptable.
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Vodafone DE

  • Displays remaining data volume
  • Supports darkmode
  • Customizable colors
  • Also works with PrePaid CallYa

dm toilet paper

  • Shows amount of toilet paper in next dm store


  • Displays remaining data volume

Corona Count Berlin

  • Shows corona statistics
  • 7-days incidence
  • 4-days R-value
  • ITS-occupancy

COVID-19 Incidence

  • Shows COVID incidence in Germany
  • Displays incidence on current location
  • Darkmode available

Exchange Rates

  • Displays exchange rates
  • Initial currency can be defined
  • Displayed currencies definable


  • Countdown to a free selectable date
  • Darkmode

Server Status

  • Shows the status of servers
  • Server addresses configurable

McFit capacity

  • Shows the free capcity in the selected McFit gym

FitX capacity

  • Shows the free capcity in the selected FitX gym