A list with widgets for Scriptable.
The heading links to the pages where you can find the widgets.

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Pokemon Shiny Hunt

  • Simulates Pokemon encounters

Pokemon of the Day

  • Displays a new random Pokémon every day
  • Configuration options available, check the manual

Plant Watering Log

  • Displays date when you had last watering your plants
  • Needs Google spreadsheets
  • Read instructions for setup


  • Shows a random or current Peanuts comic

NASA Pictures

  • Shows new pictures by NASA on a daily basis
  • Shows title and short description of the picture
  • A single tap on the widget opens Google search results about the topic

MVG Departures

  • Displays the next departure of your local MVG (Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaften) station for selected transports

Jalali Calendar

  • Displays Persian calendar


  • Shows information about calendar, work calendar, weather
  • location, days unitl period and device stats

HS WebCam

  • Displays the latest picture of Hessenschau webcam
  • Read manual for other webcam configurations

Home Intro Widget v2

  • Displays battery status, current weather and date
  • Needs API-Key from