A list with widgets for Scriptable.
The heading links to the pages where you can find the widgets.

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Webcam Widget

  • Shows live webcam image from


  • Presents a new TypeCooker recipe every day

Timeline Calendar

  • Display calendar entries in a timeline
  • Supports different configurations
  • Read manual for configuration

Time progress

  • Shows the time progress have passed
  • Including today, this week, this month and this year

Threema Contacts

  • Displays five selected contacts in widget
  • Opens contact after tap in Threema


  • Shows the current poll results for Bundestag and state parliament elections
  • mean value of the last polls for the Bundestag election can be displayed

Simple Calendar

  • Simple calendar widget to be used in smart stacks
  • Support of public holidays and calendar weeks

Random Qoutes Widget

  • Displays random qoutes

Random Memes

  • Shows randon memes from Reddit


  • PostIt notes for HomeScreen