A list with widgets for Scriptable.
The heading links to the pages where you can find the widgets.

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Air Quality (Location based)

  • Displays the air quality in your city via geolocation
  • API-Key from is needed
  • Read instructions for exact API-Key URL

Air Quality (Fixed Location)

  • Displays the air quality in selected city

Covid-19 Ampel

  • Displays 7 days incidence of a region in Germany

Covid-19 Inzidenz Austria

  • Shows COVID-19 incidence in Austria


  • Reminds you regularly to ventilate
  • Also reminds you to close the window

Covid 2 times

  • Shows Covid-19 data for two different cities

Corona Counter Hamburg

  • Shows current counts
  • Shows 7-day incidence
  • Uses data from website

COVID-19 Incidence

  • Shows COVID incidence in Germany
  • Displays incidence on current location
  • Darkmode available

Corona Count Berlin

  • Shows corona statistics
  • 7-days incidence
  • 4-days R-value
  • ITS-occupancy