A list with 106 widgets for Scriptable.
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  • Displays the latest article


  • Shows stocks
  • Stocks can be selected with parameters

Stock Ticker

  • Displays stock prices from Yahoo finance
  • Shows actual price change in percent
  • Display of Cryptocurrencies is possible
  • Read manual for configuration

Spotify now playing

  • Shows what is currently being played on Spotify

Sonos now playing

  • Widget to control Sonos speakers
  • Requires Sonos or IKEA Symfonisk speakers
  • Requires the node-sonos-http-api on an RPi or computer
  • Please read the instructions carefully before setting up


  • Shows the current poll results for Bundestag and state parliament elections
  • mean value of the last polls for the Bundestag election can be displayed


  • Snow height on the summit
  • Snow height in the valley
  • Number of open lifts
  • Date of the last data update

Simpsons Widget

  • Shuffles a random Simpsons episode
  • Plays it on Disney+ upon interaction

Simple Calendar

  • Simple calendar widget to be used in smart stacks
  • Support of public holidays and calendar weeks

Server Status

  • Shows the status of servers
  • Server addresses configurable