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  • Displays the exact time of today's sunrise and sunset

Spotify now playing

  • Shows what is currently being played on Spotify


  • Snow height on the summit
  • Snow height in the valley
  • Number of open lifts
  • Date of the last data update


  • Reminds you regularly to ventilate
  • Also reminds you to close the window


  • Displays the latest article

Covid 2 times

  • Shows Covid-19 data for two different cities


  • Open an iMessage conversation for a contact
  • Start a Facetime call with a contact
  • Start a Facetime Audio call with a contact
  • Make a cellular call to your contact
  • Open a WhatsApp conversation for a contact

Telekom data usage

  • Shows currently available data volume
  • Shows already used data volume
  • Displays date to which the current data volume is available

Football goalsranking

  • Shows goals ranking of premiere league

Football matchday

  • Shows matchday competitions of premiere league