A list with 106 widgets for Scriptable.
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News Widget

  • Shows news from WordPress sitess or RSS feeds
  • Different widget sizes available


  • Track your todos
  • Cache script needed, check comments in script!

Simple Calendar

  • Simple calendar widget to be used in smart stacks
  • Support of public holidays and calendar weeks

Boulderwelt Germany Capacity

  • Shows the current capacity and queue for Boulderwelt climbing halls in Germany

Pokemon Shiny Hunt

  • Simulates Pokemon encounters

PurpleAir Quality

  • Shows air quality of a City in USA

Covid-19 Inzidenz Austria

  • Shows COVID-19 incidence in Austria

ARD Mediathek

  • Shows newest editor picks in random order
  • Plays video on tap


  • PostIt notes for HomeScreen

Weather Cal

  • Displays, position and format multiple elements
  • Including dates and events, weather information, battery level, and more
  • Read documentation before starting widget