A list with 106 widgets for Scriptable.
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Corona Counter Hamburg

  • Shows current counts
  • Shows 7-day incidence
  • Uses data from website

Car Location

  • Shows where you have parked your car
  • Useful if you should not have CarPlay
  • Requires API-key from


  • Shows data of your Teslas
  • Needs API-key & account of TeslaFi
  • Battery capacity, temperature and many more


  • Shows upcoming birthdays of your contacts


  • A weather widget
  • Shows current weather
  • Uses openweathermap for weather data
  • An API-key is required (free)


  • Shows stocks
  • Stocks can be selected with parameters

FitX capacity

  • Shows the free capcity in the selected FitX gym

McFit capacity

  • Shows the free capcity in the selected McFit gym

Server Status

  • Shows the status of servers
  • Server addresses configurable


  • Countdown to a free selectable date
  • Darkmode